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Orderly.News gathers news stories from a number of different sources. This can be hugely beneficial in gathering information on a current events happening in the world today. However when browsing something like the Top Stories page things might start to feel a bit cluttered with stories on topics you don't care about.

Signing up for an account on Orderly.News will allow you to customize a news feed personalized with stories from sources that interest you.

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You may have noticed these little icons and buttons hanging around by each news story or article. These are mod points.

Mod Points on the Popular Stories page.

Mod Points on the All Stories page.

Mod Points are the Orderly.News version of a karma system. They don't change the order of post but they do signal to other readers what stories are good and are worth their time. Additionally all stories that are given Mod Points are forever kept in the Popular Stories tab.

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